Architectural Approvals

There are a few basic requirements for house construction, expansions, and fencing. Read the Bylaws and Deed restrictions for details before you start planning. Then when you have a plan and a drawing, send it to the Architectural Committee for review with this form. Hand drawn lot views (with dimensions noted) are acceptable for small projects.

Main Points:
• Keep structures 10+ft. away from lot lines.
• All structures over 48in. must be reviewed by the committee.
• Any fencing in front of the house should be 48in. or less, and open in style (split rail is the tradition)
• Taller privacy fencing in the back should be kept to a minimum and away from lot edges (around swimming pool is one common use). Anything over 6ft is unlikely to get approval.
• Solid board fencing on lot lines will be seriously frowned upon, and is not likely to be approved.

PDF files and JPG image files are preferred. If you need to deliver physical documents, please provide two copies to a committee member (see the Groups & Committees section for a listing of current members)